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Home Made Theater announces open auditions for

Cry It Out

By Molly Smith Metzler
Directed by Patrick White

This production will be performed outdoors in Saratoga Spa State Park for an invited
only audience of 40 persons. More details will be available at the first rehearsal.

Jessie is a corporate lawyer in a Manhattan firm. Lina is a community-college dropout and
born-and-bred Long Islander. They don’t seem to have anything in common, but marooned at
home with infants, they strike up a fast friendship. In the yard between their houses—as far as
their baby monitors will reach—they bond over sleep deprivation, unreliable childcare, and
“having it all.” A candid comedy about who gets to make which hard choices in the tinderbox
of parenthood and class in the United States.

The play will be staged in our present-day Covid-19 reality with social distancing, masks,
gloves, wipes and sanitizer used when necessary.

Character Breakdown – All ages are guidelines; roles open to all ethnicities.
Jessie-mid-30s. Married to a North Shore native; moved here (from the Upper East Side) to
raise her family. Educated, articulate, lovely, warm. From the Midwest and has that Midwestern
ready-smile. Can bend towards anxiety, though. Doesn’t like empty days on calendars, or
being disliked. Works 90 hour weeks in the city as a corporate lawyer — or did, until Allie was
born. Now she’s in yoga pants.
Lina-late 20s/early 30s. From Long Beach (on South Shore of Long Island), and you can tell
immediately – she is very South Shore. Acrylic nails, big hoops, fluorescent yellow sneakers,
Mets trucker hat on game days, huge Italian family. Failed out of community college, has a bad
mouth, blasts Kanye from her car. But she is also fantastically winning. She’s fun, funny, and
refreshingly genuine. Works at St. Francis Hospital.
Adrienne-mid-/late 30s. Mitchell’s wife. Elegant, powerful, aloof, and slightly rock n roll. Has
eyes that are cat-like and assessing. Beautiful. Looks like she speaks lots of languages, and
does. Grew up in a penthouse on Central Park, not that she looks the part. She wears big
rings, vintage leather jackets, Sally Hershberger haircuts, a bold lip. She could give you the
best-ever guided tour of MoMA. Ferociously smart, she has never signed an email with an x or
an o. A jewelry designer (and a very successful one).

Mitchell-30’s-40’s. Adrienne’s husband, works in investment capital. A math nerd who is
amazing with numbers, but not people. Serious, shrewd, sensitive. Mitchell grew up in a tough
house in a tough part of Utica and scholarshipped his way to where he is now, so grades,
status and success are his currency. But becoming a father has changed him. He makes goofy
faces now. He stares out windows during meetings. His sentences end in question marks.

Performance dates are Saturday and Sunday, September 26-27 and October 3-4 at 3:00pm in

Rehearsals will be Sunday through Wednesday starting Sunday, August 16th (no rehearsal
September 6 & 7), primarily outdoors in Saratoga Springs. (Address will
be provided to cast members.)

The health and safety of cast, crew, staff and volunteers at Home Made Theater is of UTMOST
importance. EVERYONE participating in the production of Cry It Out will be expected to adhere
to the following guidelines:
Temperatures will be checked before each rehearsal and performance. If you have a
temperature greater than 100.4F then you will be asked to leave. If you are feeling ill or
exhibiting the signs of cold or flu-like symptoms, please STAY HOME and notify the stage
Hands must be washed/sanitized before every rehearsal and performance. Sanitizing stations
will be provided.
Masks will be worn when not onstage if proper social distancing is not possible. Masks are
also going to be incorporated into the Socially Distanced staging, but will not be used
throughout the play.
It MUST be understood, that due to any number of circumstances beyond our control, this
production may have to be cancelled at any time. Every effort will be made to prevent this, but
you know… COVID.
Other guidelines will be presented at the first rehearsal.
This production will be rehearsed outdoors whenever possible and in large open air space
(garage) in inclement weather. You will be expected to wear a mask and sanitize your hands if
you need to go into the house.
DO NOT AUDITION! Thank you for your cooperation.

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