A large part of Home Made Theater’s success is due to the important work of volunteers. It takes the time, talent and energy of close to two hundred dedicated individuals to accomplish the work required to mount four major productions each season. Volunteers work along side each other and trained professionals, learning the behind the scenes technical aspects of theater such as lighting, set construction, running crew, and sound. Others choose to work in the theater as ushers, greeters, and concession stand operators. Still others enjoy getting together to help with publicity and group mailings, or assisting in day to day office chores. Whatever your availability and experience, Home Made Theater volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

Some jobs require only a few hours time for a couple of hands, while others may require a large number of hours with many of people. We have a place for everyone to volunteer. There is no experience necessary for the majority of volunteer tasks. Our staff and seasoned volunteers are happy to teach you anything you need to know.

If you would like to volunteer for HMT, please fill out the online  volunteer information form. We would love to have you as part of the HMT family.

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We have need of volunteers in the following areas:

Front of House

The Front of House volunteers are those who work directly with the audience. They are the people with whom the public interacts. For that reason, it is essential that they be HMT’s Good Will Ambassadors. The following are the Front of House positions.

Audition Greeter
SUMMARY: Audition Greeters greet actors when they arrive for auditions, assist in the filling out of audition paperwork, and provide all this information to the Director and Stage Manager during auditions.
TIME COMMITMENT: Audition Greeters usually arrive one-half hour prior to the start of auditions, and remain until all actors have completed their paperwork; about 2-3 hours.

Concessions Assistant
SUMMARY: Concession volunteers set up the concession stand, make coffee, sell souvenirs and snacks during pre-show and intermission, and clean and put away supplies after intermission. Those willing to bake fresh home-made goodies for selling are also welcome.
TIME COMMITMENT: Concession volunteers sign up for a couple of performances per production. An average concession shift is under three hours. When not “on duty” concessions volunteers are welcome to watch the performance.

Door Greeter
SUMMARY: The Door Greeters at a performance stand in the doorway to the lobby to greet the audience and check tickets. They will direct the audience member to the easiest entrance to the house for them to use to reach their seats. Greeters have to become very familiar with the seating plan of the theater in order to do this. Greeters are often promoted from the ranks of more experienced Ushers.
TIME COMMITMENT: Greeters work 2-3 performances per production. Each “shift” is about 2 hours.

House Manager
SUMMARY: The “Head Usher” at any given performance, who gives the ushers their before-show instructions, and consults with the Stage Manager on when to start the performance, or resume after intermission. Like Door Greeters, unless there is previous experience, House Managers are usually “promoted” from the ranks of the more experienced ushers.
TIME COMMITMENT: House Managers are asked to commit to 2-3 performances per production for about 3-4 hours each.

SUMMARY: Ushers deal closely with our patrons and show them to their seats for reserved seating performances. Ushers are also responsible to make sure guidelines regarding safety, photography and video are followed by audience members.
TIME COMMITMENT: About 10-12 hours per production. Ushers work three performances per show.
Ushers must attend an orientation meeting at the beginning of the season.

Behind the Scenes

Want to get to the nuts and bolts (literally and figuratively) of mounting a play? Then Behind the Scenes is where you belong. This is where you can help make the magic of theater happen. Below are the different Behind the Scenes positions for which we need assistance.

Assistant Stage Manager
SUMMARY: ASM’s help the Stage Manager call actors who are late, take blocking notes when the Stage Manager isn’t available, make coffee, clean up the green room, answer the pay phone, etc. ASM’s are basically a second pair of eyes and ears and hands for the stage manager. Often this position will transition into a Running Crew position, as the ASM is often in charge of “the deck” (physical stage space) during a performance.
TIME COMMITMENT: ASM’s attend rehearsal 2-5 times a week. Rehearsals generally run 3 hours. See below for ASM’s that transition to Running Crew.

Costume Assistant
SUMMARY: Assists Costume Designer in the sewing or finding of costume items for a production.
TIME COMMITMENT: Varies by production. Contemporary shows where costumes can be “found” often take less time than plays for which costumes must be constructed from scratch.

SUMMARY: A member of the Running Crew dedicated to preparing the costumes before a performance, and assisting actors with costume changes during the performance.
TIME COMMITMENT: Attends all dress rehearsals and performance. This is every evening of Tech Week (the week preceding Opening Night) and the following two weekends. You have the opportunity to be part of the show’s company and help make the magic happen.

Lighting Assistant
SUMMARY: Lighting Assistants help the Technical Director and Lighting Designer with hanging and/or focusing lights. Some do this on the ladders, others stay “on deck” to hold ladders for those hanging and focusing the lights. They also help to pull the colored gels and other materials needed by the ladder people. Lighting assistants do not have to climb ladders, but if they can- great!
TIME COMMITMENT: Light hang is usually one Friday and/or Saturday call. Light focus is usually the following Friday and/or Saturday call. If available, Lighting Assistants can also come in weekdays to help the Technical Director with day to day lighting adjustments and equipment upkeep.

Light Board Operator
SUMMARY: A Light Board Operator runs the light board during tech week and all performances of a production. They perform the light check prior to performance, and perform cues as called by the Stage Manager during the performance.
TIME COMMITMENT: Attends all dress rehearsals and performances (Tech Week and the following two weekends). As part of the show’s company you experience the thrill of “performing” (your cues) for a live audience.

SUMMARY: Prompters sit quietly & attentively during rehearsals and be “on book” for the actors. As actors call for “line” the prompter provides the actor with the first few words of his/her next line. Must be able to project voice clearly.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours. Usually you will be assigned a particular night of the week for 3 weeks, 3 hours each night.

Props Assistant
SUMMARY: As a Properties Assistant your would assist the Properties Designer in hunting for and/or building needed props, help with set decoration, attend rehearsals, prep prop tables for rehearsals and performances. This position easily flows into a Running Crew position.
TIME COMMITMENT: Several hours a week to begin, increasing as show opening gets closer. The Properties Assistant often (but not always) transitions to Running Crew which involves attending all dress rehearsals and performances, and being part of the show’s company, essentially performing for a live audience.

Running Crew
SUMMARY: Running Crew members work backstage during the performances, helping with special effects, scene changes, costume changes, and props.
TIME COMMITMENT: Attends all dress rehearsals and performances (Tech Week and the following two weekends). You become part of the show and make the magic happen. One of our greatest needs, and one of the most fun volunteer positions.

Scenic Assistant
SUMMARY: Help construct set, paint set, etc.
TIME COMMITMENT: Open calls- if volunteers are available during weekdays, they can call the Technical Director at the production office directly at 587-8353. Weekend set calls are typically held Saturday mornings from 10am-2pm. Volunteers should contact the HMT office at 587-4427 to sign up for weekend calls.

Sound Board Operator
SUMMARY: A Sound Board Operator runs the sound board during tech week and all performances of a production. They perform the sound check, work the mini-disc player or CD player during performances, and perform cues as called by the Stage Manager during the performance. Comfort with sound equipment is a bonus.
TIME COMMITMENT: Attend rehearsals during tech week and all performances – a fun filled month of mostly nights and weekends.


There is quite a bit of Administrative work that needs to be done to insure the smooth operation of the theater, and make sure that the public is aware of our shows so that we have an audience. Here are some Administrative positions that you could perform.

Box Office
SUMMARY: Box office volunteers sell tickets, answer phones, keep track of seating charts, handle the box office till, and work with our patrons to answer questions and solve any problems that may come up.
TIME COMMITMENT: One box office shift is usually between three and six hours. The box office is generally open Monday thru Friday from noon to 5pm, and performance shifts starting about 2 hours prior to curtain.

Fund Raiser
SUMMARY: Volunteers in fund raising work with a committee, usually headed by a Board of Directors member, to help plan and coordinate fund raising events.

General Office Assistant
SUMMARY: Office volunteers help with data entry, smaller mailings, answering phones, making phone calls, filing, copying, and other daily office tasks.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours to many (20 hours) a week. Or just when you can!

Publicity – Mailings
SUMMARY: During a mailing, volunteers will place address labels on production cards and brochures.
TIME COMMITMENT: A couple hours per production.

Publicity – Posters
SUMMARY: Volunteers hang posters along various “routes” within a given area. For example, one route is the east side of Broadway in Saratoga Springs; another is West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Poster hangers can sign up to hang posters along an established route or take posters to hang in an area of their choosing. They are
asked to let the HMT office know where they are hanging posters so other volunteers do not hang in the same area.
TIME COMMITMENT: A couple hours per production.

Creative Team

To be a member of the Creative Team of a production does require prior experience. If you are interested in a Creative Team position, you may be asked to submit a resume.

Click here to view or print the available positions as a PDF.

If you would like to volunteer for HMT, please fill out the online volunteer information form here. We would love to have you as part of the HMT family.

Alternatively, click here to print this form.

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