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This season Home Made Theater will be creating a verbatim theater project. As part of our expanding community outreach, all proceeds will benefit organizations supporting the needs of healthcare workers. This docu-drama, created from interviews with local people working in healthcare, will tell the story of what healthcare workers experienced during the pandemic using their own words. This project will allow the community to better understand and empathize with the ongoing crisis faced by healthcare workers. This production will be performed on April 15th at Caffe Lena. Disclaimer on use of questionnaire response/interviews: Not all responses to this questionnaire will result in a request for an interview and not all interviews or all material generated from questionnaires/interviews will be part of the final production. Many factors go into the decisions of what will be included and what will not be, including but not limited to: how content works in the context of other interviews, how the narrative uniquely compares or contrasts with others, length of material, appropriateness/relevance of content to the project, protection of privacy/overly identifying details etc. On this last point we may contact you with any edits we would like to make to your words to remove identifying details. As you answer these questions and tell your story only worry about telling your story as you experienced it- most of all we are looking for your authentic experience.
I would like to be acknowledged for my contribution to this project:(Required)
All of the following questions are optional. Please answer honestly using full sentences instead of one or a few words in your answer. Feel absolutely free to “go on a tangent” if the question so inspires you- no answer to any question is too long. Be as detailed as your memory allows.
What immediately changed in your work once a state of emergency was declared? What changes happened more slowly over time? What changes have you noticed more recently (past year to 6 months)?
Did the facility you work(ed) at acknowledge you or provide any special benefits/supports to you during this time? Did you receive any benefits/support from groups/organizations outside of your place of employment during this time? Were you individually acknowledged or given any special benefits/supports from other individuals (family/friends/acquaintances during this time) either in person or virtually (social media etc)? Which supports/benefits did you find most helpful and are there any you’d like to see continue on an ongoing basis?
Were there times you felt your advice genuinely influenced others to act in ways that kept them and the community safer? Were there times you felt questions were not genuine or that your sharing of advice as a healthcare professional was taken as an invitation to argue? How has this type of discourse changed for you over the course of the pandemic?
Did your (or their) opinions change or did the opinion of the majority change on the point of contention? Were there any consequences to you (or them) for sharing your opinion? Did you feel your (or their) employment/career was ever threatened because of your (or their) differing opinion?
Have you noticed a change in how the public views healthcare workers? Has this affected you personally? If you have experienced a change like this what do you believe to be the cause?
How have your experiences in healthcare work during the pandemic affected your personal/family life?
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