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This event finished on 04 November 2013

Directed by Dianne O’Neill Filer

This courtroom mystery is said to be Christie’s own personal favorite. Only she could have conceived such a
suspenseful thriller and then capped it off with so many twists and turns along the way. Leonard Vole stands in
the dock, accused of murder. His wife can prove his innocence but when she takes the stand she denies his
alibi. Can he escape the hangman’s noose? The courtroom proceedings will keep you guessing until the final

We need many actors for this deliciously complex play. Some roles are written for men but can easily be
played by women (where this is possible it will be indicated). The play is set in London in the 1950’s. Facility
with accents is desirable but not essential (except where indicated).

Character Breakdown:

Sir Wilfred Robarts: (middle aged/elderly) Queens Counsel. Very able, kindly.

Leonard Vole: (young) Nice looking, friendly, likable.

Romaine: (mid-30s) Leonard’s “wife,” foreign, stately, somewhat reserved, a bit daunting. Must be good with

Mr. Myers: (middle aged/elderly) Q.C. Lawyer for the prosecution in Leonard’s trial. Very precise,
determined he’s right.

Mr. Carter/Justice Wainwright: (middle aged) Carter is a bit of a fuss budget, Sir Wilfred’s chief clerk. The
Judge is very dignified, a bit acerbic, knows his law.

Mr. Mayhew/Mr. Clegg: Mayhew is the solicitor Leonard consults. He assists Sir Wilfred in pre-trial
questioning. Nice man, very particular, good knowledge of the law. Mr. Clegg is an assistant in the forensics
lab, thinks of himself as pretty clever, could have a regional accent.

Janet Mackenzie: (50s) A dour Scotswoman, the murdered woman’s housekeeper. Hates Leonard and not
afraid to show it. Scottish accent a must.

Inspector Hearne/Policewoman: (30s/40s) Tall, dignified, good looking. Policeman the same, but change of
accent. Could be females.

Greta: (young) Sir Wilfred’s secretary, cute blonde, a bit ditzy, unjustifiably full of herself.

Dr. Wyatt: (middle aged) Female pathologist giving testimony in court.

The Other Woman: (young) Strawberry blonde, very pretty. A tiny role but essential to the story line.

Plain clothes detective/Warden: (any age) Male or female.

Clerk of the Court/Usher: (any age) male or female.

Juror 2: (any age) Female.

Juror 3: (any age) Male.

Foreman of the Jury: (any age) Male.

PRODUCTION DATES: Weekends, February 7-23, 2014
REHEARSALS: Will be on Monday through Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon or evenings
beginning January 2nd with a possible read through in December

Auditions will be from the script.
Please bring a current photo to auditions. Photos will not be returned.

For further information please call Home Made Theater at (518) 587-4427