There is no experience necessary for the majority of these tasks,* but if you have some experience, that’s great! Our staff and seasoned volunteers are happy to teach you anything you need to know. Many of our most skilled volunteers came to us originally with no theater experience whatsoever.

There are four general volunteer “areas:” Patron Services, Behind the Scenes, Administrative, and Creative Team*. Each is absolutely crucial to the running of HMT as a whole, and help in all areas are needed.

*Creative Team is the only area that requires prior experience.


Volunteers work directly with the audience. They are the people with whom the public interacts. For that reason, it is essential that they be Home Made Theater’s Good Will Ambassadors.


Ushers deal closely with our patrons and show them to their seats. Ushers are also responsible for making sure guidelines regarding safety, photography and video are followed by audience members.

TIME COMMITMENT: About 10-12 hours per production. Ushers work approximately three performances per production, sometimes staying to watch the performance and helping to pick up the theater after, and sometimes leaving once the performance begins.


These positions deal with the nuts and bolts (literally and figuratively) of mounting a play. This is where you can help make the magic of theater happen.

Assistant Stage Manager

ASMs are basically a second pair of eyes, ears, and hands for the stage manager. Usually this position will transition into a Production Crew position (see below).

TIME COMMITMENT: ASMs attend most rehearsals. Rehearsals generally run 3 hours, Sunday through Thursday.

Audition Greeter

Audition Greeters greet actors when they arrive for auditions, assist in the filling out of audition paperwork, and provide all this information to the Director and Stage Manager during auditions.

TIME COMMITMENT: About 2-3 hours.

Costume Assistant

Assists Costume Designer in creating, altering or finding costume items.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies by production.

Lighting Assistant

Lighting Assistants help the Technical Director and Lighting Designer with hanging and/or focusing lights, some working on the grid from the scaffolding, and some remaining on the ground to assist the grid workers.

TIME COMMITMENT: Light hang is usually a one day, 6 hour call, and light focus is usually another one.

Production Crew

The production crew consists of those people who actually make a show run. There are multiple people/positions involved in the Production Crew of a show including:
Dresser: A member of the Production Crew who prepares the costumes before a performance and assists actors with costume changes during the performance.

    • Light Operator: A Light Board Operator runs the light board. A Spot Light Operator runs the follow spot. They perform the light check prior to performance, and execute cues as called by the Stage Manager during the performance.
    • Running Crew: Running Crew members set the stage before the performance, execute special effects and scene changes during the performances, and clean up after the performance.
    • Sound Board Operator: A Sound Board Operator runs the sound board. They help actors with mics, perform the sound check, and execute cues as called by the Stage Manager during the performance.

TIME COMMITMENT: About 60 hours per production spread out over a couple of weeks. Attends all dress rehearsals and performances. This includes every evening of Tech Week (the week preceding Opening Night) and the production weekends.


Prompters sit quietly and attentively during rehearsals and are “on book” for the actors, and as actors call for “line” the prompter provides the actor with the first few words of their next line. Must be able to project voice clearly.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately 9 hours, (one rehearsal a week for 3 weeks).

Props Assistant

As a Properties Assistant you would assist the Properties Designer with any or all of the following: hunting for and/or building needed props, helping with set decoration, and prepping prop tables for rehearsals and performances. This position easily flows into a Running Crew position (see above).

TIME COMMITMENT: A couple of hours a week to begin, increasing as show opening gets closer.

Scenic Assistant

Help Technical Director and/or Scenic Designer construct set, paint set, etc.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies based on complexity of the set. If volunteers are available during weekdays, they can email the Technical Director at kevin@homemadetheater.org.


Administrative volunteers help to insure the smooth operation of the theater, and make sure that the public is aware of our shows so that we have an audience.

Box Office

Some box office volunteers staff the Will Call desk in the lobby, handing out pre-paid tickets to the patrons. Others work in the actual box office selling tickets to patrons, both in person and by phone, using the ticketing computer and software.

TIME COMMITMENT: A “show shift” begins two hours before curtain for selling tickets, and one hour for Will Call. Daytime box office shifts can be up to 5 hours.

Committee Members

Committee members will serve on committees lead by members of the Board of Directors or staff. Committees that need assistance include-

    • Development (fundraising)
    • Event Planning (planning benefits, parties, etc.)
    • Marketing (get word about Home Made Theater out in the community)

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies by committee.

General Office Assistant

Office volunteers help with smaller mailings, answering phones, making phone calls, filing, copying, and other daily office tasks.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies depending on volunteer availability and office needs.

Publicity – Mailings

Place address labels on promotional materials to be mailed.

TIME COMMITMENT: A couple of hours per production.

Publicity – Posters

Volunteers hang posters in businesses along various prepared routes around the area.

TIME COMMITMENT: A couple of hours per production.


Creative Team members are required to have prior experience. These positions include Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Sound Designer, Properties Designer, and Stage Manager. If you are interested in any of these positions you may be asked to submit a resume or show a portfolio.