Keep The Curtain Up



Your belief in the power of theater and your commitment to our community have made a significant impact. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we have received. Together, we are preserving the magic of theater and ensuring that Home Made Theater continues to thrive.

However, we still have a way to go to reach our target. The challenges we face are still pressing, and your continued support is crucial. Your donation, no matter the size, will directly contribute to securing future performances, supporting our artists, sustaining educational programs, and enhancing community engagement.
We know that we are not alone in this struggle. Theaters worldwide, big and small, have faced similar difficulties. But with your partnership, we can overcome these challenges and keep the curtains rising at Home Made Theater.

Donations by check can be mailed to:

Home Made Theater
PO Box 1182
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Keep The Curtain Up Campaign Donors


Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family Foundation


George and Susan Bergmann
Nikole Furlotte
Liam Pickett
Maura &Jim Pickett
Ben & Jerry’s of Saratoga


Steve Coats
Mara Dolan
Joyce Elliott
Holly Katz and William Harris
Deborah Otto-Jones
Matthew Kopans and Dana Gliserman Kopans
Maggie Mancinelli Cahill
Arlette St Romain
Teresa Storti
Nancy Sutin and Tom Federlin


Stacie & Howard Barnes
Edward Holcomb
Ronald & Susan Morris
Martha Strohl
Teresa Storti
In memory of Rachel Sams Burnham


Anne-Marie Baker
Karla Buettner
In Loving Memory of Diana Burns
Rita Carozza
Ilse de Veer and Elayne Livote
Hannah Drobac (Johnston)
Carolyn Frantz
Craig and Sally Horneck
John Rayome
Suzanne Rayome
Don Ruberg and Marin Ridgway
Elizabeth Reuter
Kelly Sienkiewicz
Irmgard Somich
Martha Mastrianni
Cindy Spence
Karen Weltman and Jon Sterngass
In honor of Shempie
Maryellen Carpenter
Alan Ellis
Adrienne Guss
Tim Healey/Jerry Hendlowitch
Terri and Rich Indyk
Catherine Krylowicz
Kara Mackey Dopman
Carol Markley
Joan Meyer
Rich & Peg Morris
Dianne OkNeill
Carol Ann Pacco-Long
Kathy Saraceno
Jessica Todtenhagen


Elisa Harrington-Verb
Kathryn Callahan
Linda Davin
Mary Ellen Dowling
Kimberlee Edwards
Jen Gerould (Rathner)
Barbara Hambrick
Jeffrey Hocking
Joe Haedrich
Denise Jones
Diane Skibinski
Kathleen Gooley
Paula Riley
Kim E. Scott
Sally Sheldon
In memory of Jack and Mary Anne Styczynski
Patrick Quinn
Diane Skibinski
John Sullivan
Sue Tiffany
Joelle Malinowski
Benjamin Federlin
Madonna Behen
Debra Bercier
Erin Fenton
Margie Price
Bethany Marx
Anthony Pallone
Derek Stannard
Louise Carlini
Michael Mcdermott
Gloria Marceau
Janice Walz